We build media and tell stories through video and web to move people to action. Working with both agencies and companies we create targeted video, audio and content marketing and show case in a customized wordpress website.

Our VideoMarketingWorks program has solutions for any size company to build brand and drive business.   We create Explainer Videos,  How-To Videos, Broadcast-Online Commercials and Content Marketing to work with your existing funnels, or help you build a new strategy.  Just need a website?  No problem!

The Frankie Tomatto Story Book cover

The Frankie Tomatto Story

A long time client, Frankie Tomatto closed due to the pandemic.  But there was such an outpouring of emotion from patrons, founder Hal Roback and President Paul Dykeman decided to write The Frankie Tomatto Story.  See details in Frankie Tomatto Story and remember an iconic Toronto restaurant.

We stand with Ukraine


Audio record /podcast sessions & video post  in our historic 100 year old Riverside loft studio.

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4K Video shooting/post, writing,responsive web, podcast strategy and focused design. 

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Broadcast Services

ThinkTV (Telecaster) approvals, Closed Captioning, audio/video distribution, tagging and more. 

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Thumbs Down has hit the festival circuits

Creative director, Tim McLarty  produced a short film in 2022. In the trailer above, Thumbs Down features protagonist, Steve McIntosh. He’s a lifer accountant who has decided 25 years in, he needs to see if there isn’t something more to life than calculators and columns. His company agrees to promote him. But there’s one catch. Unbeknownst to Steve, his division was the “beard” company; a legitimate entity used to hide a crime syndicate. And because of his Steve’s special talent for moving money about, the head office wants to move him to the more active “urban” division.

This short film is Steve’s first day in his new position as he meets up with his new coworkers in a sketchy downtown bar (our thanks to the management of The Cameron House). It doesn’t take Steve long to figure out he’s in way over his head. Thumbs Down features Dan Willmott as Trigger, the highly unreliable hitman, and the short fused underworld flunky, Flannigan, played by Justin Hay. Tap members will recognize Rosey Tyler’s voice as the receptionist. Susie Burnett rounds out the cast as the syndicate master mind, Lorraine Lasky.

Thumbs Down was selected to compete in the festival, TapFest in December. Please check out the full film at the Toronto Short Film Festival in March.

Ready to build your targeted podcast?

Tim and his team bring decades of experience in helping you craft the right podcast to achieve your goals.

Because there are so many podcasts out there today it’s easy to get lost in the noise.  But with any targeted marketing we help you find your voice, your audience and set attainable goals.

Click over to RadioRadio.com Studio to see some of the current podcasts.

Presenting …the COW-VID2000 !

When we first posted this as part of a “be kind during covid” series, we received a ton of messages  asking if this product really exists.  Alas it does not.  We created this parody video  to have some fun and get people talking to promote responsible covid-19 behaviour.

We appreciate the kind words on CowVide2000 and look forward to Canada fully opening up once the science and health experts deem it safe to do so.

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78% of people watch online videos every day.(Hubspot) 

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Rated as a TOP ANIMATION company with UpCity

We let video lead the way

We’re a media boutique located in Riverside in Toronto and here’s our story.


Our Media Partners

We work with major media partners throughout the country in both broadcast and digital.

What people are saying

City of Toronto

We were asked to create and animate a design to promote the City of Toronto’s MyWater campaign.  The City was pleased with the result.

As usual your work is fantastic!

– Rossana Nardi

RedSeal Creative

Recently we worked with agency RedSeal Creative on a television campaign to promote the union IBEW 353.

Tim is a whizz at sourcing the right sounds or music.

– Pete Gilboy  Creative Director

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Video Testimonial

We were very happy with the end result
Ryan Atkinson – Direqlink.com

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