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WordPress 6.2 is it ready for prime time?

I assist dozens of clients with their wordpress websites. But when a new version of wordpress comes out, it's a matter of ensuring all the plugins are compatible with the latest wordpress upgrade. 6.2 is particularly unique for a variety of reasons. More to come on...

Seatbelts Everyone Our latest podcast

Seatbelts Everyone Our latest podcast

Our RadioRadio studio has just completed episode 1 of Seatbelts Everyone. This is a podcast created by Don Mills North city council candidate Angela Lindow. Seatbelts Everyone - Episode 1 Being involved in a political campaign is a precarious exercise as there are no...

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Ryan Reynolds Unsinkable Brand

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Tim McLarty - Ontrack Communications Inc.

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Tim McLarty is creative director at Ontrack Communications in Toronto. He’s a podcaster, and his background includes 9 years as professor of media creation at Humber College and 17 years as a broadcaster across Canada.  Ontrack is a media studio creating video, motion graphics, audio and podcast content.  In his spare time he makes short films and travels to any country that will have him.