Google combines creativity and tech with Abbey Road Interactive tour

Abbey Road is called the mecca of music by many. The Beatles made it legendary but the list of other recorded artists dates back to 1931. Pink Floyd, the Hollies, Lady Gaga, Radiohead to name a few.

Fans of music, and rock music especially mark their bucket list to include Graceland, Cleveland and Abbey Road as must visits. And now thanks to Google and a carefully orchestrated (pun intended) interactive website, you can view one of the three like a rock star.

The Abbey Road studio tour starts with studio 1, the studio where the Beatles recorded “All you need is Love” and soundtracks to Star Wars and Harry Potter were recorded.Abbey Road Studio One

The streetview style walk through immerses you right in the mire of cables and chords and then brings you back out again.Abbey Road cables and cords

In the mixing room you can create your own mix of percussion, symphony and piano and compare to the original.


Studio 2 shows you a video of Paul McCartney recording and lists more music royalty including Adele.

I was especially drawn to the mic collection and the attention to audio detail the engineers create when Abbey Road Micmatching a mic to an instrument or a voice. It’s pointed out that the microphone used in the film “The Kings Speech” was the actual mic used by King George VI and is featured at Abbey Road.

And there are a myriad of stories shared on the site from artists and Abbey Road alumni over the years.

It’s truly a beautiful interactive experience. View the full site here

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