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As we prepare for the onslaught of holiday ads, the new crop of commercials from Jeff Goldblum are a welcome treat.

Jeff Goldblum is quirky.  Offbeat.  He can stare into  a camera lens and wink and you’re along for the ride. That’s a unique quality that Madison Ave relishes.  The consumer knows they’re going to be pitched to and Goldblum does it effortlessly.  The ads are directed by David Shane who has wowed the ad world with comedy commercials for the likes of HBO and New York Lottery.  And Goldblum’s contribution to celebrity pitch ads is notable.  He’s genuine and you just know it’s real up on the screen.

As campy ads go, these are winners.  The sponsor is Curry’s PC World, an electronics retailer in the UK.  They target their British audience who are used to a special brand of odd.  And they work remarkably well.

That disappointing Christmas gift requires “acting”.

This couple needs some privacy.

This secret Santa is on thin ice.

No comedy campaign is complete without a blooper reel.

Goldblum is no stranger to pitching.  He’s been featured in ads for General Electric and is in a current American campaign for

Playing oneself in a commercial is not new.  George Clooney recently released a new Nespresso commercial that targets North America. His Nespresso character is kind of a throwback to the golden era of Clark Gable. Shooting on the studio lot lends to that whole olden day studio system feel.  And Danny Devito makes a great foil.

In the pre-internet era, doing commercials overseas was a star’s dirty little secret.  We’re living in a different era of digital transparency and honesty.  And when a major star crawls around on a carpet finding loose change, it doesn’t get any more honest than that.


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