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Written by Tim McLarty

April 14, 2016

A Video Program


Your strategy comes before anything else

Choosing the type of video to produce is the single most important decision in building out your digital marketing program.   Most companies require pinpoint accuracy in all spend decisions.  We review your major competitors, and then help you prioritize the types of videos and build a strategy that will enable you to go after your “low hanging fruit” and push buyers into and up your buy funnel.

Native Video

It’s important to note that some types of video can be used for the same objectives.   An online commercial could be used as an introduction video with some minor customizing.  It increases your conversions significantly if you change the video format/style according to where it will appear and create a native video. 

For example,  a 30 second online commercial can be converted into a 10 second animated gif which can be uploaded to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  This gives you additional impressions for anyone who has seen the original creative, or peaks their curiosity to click through the gif link to a campaign landing page.

Click here to see/learn more about native video advertising

Types of Videos

Introduction or Branding

A general message to instill longevity, reliability and some general knowledge about your product/service.  Here’s an example of an introduction video we use for Ontrack Communications


Category Specific Objective Based Videos  

You may have a series of products that appeal to different audiences and subsets.  In this instance we recommend a separate video for each line of business.  You can then promote that specific product/service and connect it to a landing page campaign that specifically targets those relevant keywords.

A Farber & Partners has a series of videos promoting various business subsets.



Videos  to share helpful information about your industry or business category.  This is part of an ongoing video program.  It positions you as a leader in your industry because the information is not self serving, but simply helps the buyer make an educated decision. You are looked at in an altruistic, leadership light by both potential or current customers .  It also greatly enhances your organic Google rankings.


A Farber – Educational video on Consumer Proposals


How-To-Video Series 

You have a product and want to explain how it works. This is hugely beneficial for products that have innovative or useful features where a staff member usually does an actual demonstration to explain those features.  This is great for sales videos or for after-sales as an added benefit to customers and a huge time saver for in-store support staff.  It’s also key for online sales and support.  Lowes creates hundreds of videos every year showing how to do general how-to tasks around the house.



This is an animated or live action video that explains a complicated product and how it will solve a problem that is common to the target audience.  It explains in clear way that basic images and text can not.  This has become very popular with most business categories and often is produced as a introduction video.



Nothing speaks louder to a companys success and reliability than real, live, happy customers praising your merits. Text testimonials can be suspect by someone viewing your site. But a testimonial of a genuinely satisfied customer speaks volumes.

Hammerheads is a program that benefits young men who need direction in their careers. These testimonials represent success stories who have benefited greatly from this program.


In a medical setting patients are invaluable with real testimonials.


Culture Video 

When a potential customer has narrowed down their choices to a view vendors, a culture video helps them quickly see your passion and the professionalism and positive culture of people who will be looking after their business needs. It gives them a sense of who you are and your level of dedication, and what sets you apart from competitors.

Here’s a culture video we created for our content company, Social Video Wizards


Direct Response commercial

A DR commercial puts an offer out there with an obvious call to action. When placed properly through broadcast and online programmatic channels, a direct response is highly effective in creating urgency and meeting conversion objectives.   More common for B2C strategies.  Arthri Plus is a pain relief product that was sold via conventional broadcast channels through with a direct response offer.


Getting Started

Speaking directly with you, or your agency, we’ll help define what video works best with your B2C or B2B verticals.  Then we’ll plan a strategy around your objectives and budget.

VideoMarketingWorks!  And we’ll show you how.

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