Ryan Reynolds Unsinkable Brand

After watching this latest commercial performance from Ryan Reynolds, I can only say this would fall under the Ads I wish I had written category.

It was announced today that Ryan Reynolds sold his 25% ownership stake in discount mobile company, Mint Mobile to US behemoth T-Mobile for a $1.35 billion. To be completely accurate, Mint Mobile is a subsidiary of Ka’ena Corp which also owns international wireless service Ultra Mobile and wholesaler Plum. It doesn’t take a complex Bay Street Street mind to do the math on Reynold’s take home pay; but you can’t help but tie the dots together on his recent declaration of wanting to be a majority owner of the Ottawa Senators hockey team. His ownership of the Wrexham AFC football club whet his appetite for professional sports ownership.

When Does He Sleep?

A mere mortal could be jealous and jaded about this, knowing Reynolds also owns shares in several other companies including a small piece of Aviation Gin (after the sale to Diageo in 2020) and a cyber security company. But no one is handing Reynolds anything without the necessary blood, sweat and brand equity he brings to the party. Following him on social media, I often ask myself, “When does he find time to sleep?”

It’s undeniable that his personal brand is among the most liked and tests most favourable among several sought after demographics. Why? Because he has a unique ability to size up a situation and attach his personal brand to creative that speaks to the heart and soul of the common folk. As I read the news about this, I wondered whether he has an overachiever gene that can’t be quelled. And low and behold, watch how he addresses those very thoughts, and more as he speaks with CEO and new owner, T-Mobile’s Mike Sievert.

Ryan Reynolds finds a new dad

The line, “I’m certain I’m gonna fulfill whatever hole I have inside my sole …” is brilliant. Freud couldn’t have written the script, or at least the case file, any better. But full compliments go out to the creative team, Maximum Effort Advertising who are the yin to Reynolds yang. They seem to find on-the-money messaging that double-fakes the audience and answers questions the viewer hasn’t even fully formulated yet. And C.E.O. Mike Sievert does an admirable job playing off Reynolds. Everyone appreciates a new dad with a very large check book.

What’s Next?

What’s next for Reynolds corporate world domination? I’m sure not even Reynolds knows yet, but Canadians are excited at the prospect of his ebullient personality sitting up in the Senators owners box. His approach to business seems to be like a well run professional sports franchise. It’s the long game that wins the cups. And his game appears to be just getting started.

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