Video Content

A video for every purpose

Explainer Videos

It's become the must have video for every new company or new product launch. All our Explainer Videos are done right here in our Toronto studios. Hand crafted with love.

Hybrid Explainer

This is a combination explainer video with motion graphics and live action - the best of both worlds.

Intro Videos

A close cousin to the Explainer Video but often combines real video and animation to welcome a potential customer to the company, product or service.

Company Culture

A video to promote a positive work environment. A great choice to attract and retain quality people.


Our genesis was broadcast commercials but we now have considerable expertise in creating an effective native online commercial.


Testimonials have always been powerful selling tools. A video testimonial confirms it's real people and real opinions.


It's a content marketing era. People patronize companies that educate and inform over the long haul.

How-to Series

Videos show how to perform a task so much easier than a long printed document. Youtube is full of them.

Our process

1. Listen

We start off by listening. Our goal is to learn as much about your business as we can so we’re helping you build a video(s) based on meeting your objectives.

2. Learn

After learning from you, we learn from your competitors scouring the web and adding to our learning process so we are able to help guide the direction of your video.

3. Write

This is the point where we put a script together that enables your video to start taking shape. We go back and forth with you and create the blueprint that drives the whole process.

4. Design

Here’s where we share the actual character look and feel of your video. We work with you to choose a look that “feels right” for you and your brand.

5. More Listening

This is the sign off point on the blueprint (the script). We get your approval and move on to the build.

6. Build/Shoot

Now we begin the process of gathering all the elements, be it video or motion graphics and bring your video to life.

7. Feedback

We’re down to the final stages. Here you make those small tweaks with comments.  

8. Revise

We implement the final changes and revisions and make sure it’s good to go.

9. Approval

All the hard work comes to fruition. Here’s where you sign off on your shiny new video and get ready to share it with the world.

10. Distribute

Here we offer advice on how to maximize your video investment. We discuss a share program so your video works far behind your website.