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Written by Tim McLarty

June 19, 2019

It’s been on the tip of millions of tongues for a long while now.   Podcasting.   It’s the new broadcasting for the people.

And RadioRadio studio is pleased to offer a professional solution to take your podcasts out of the basement and out to the whole world.  Podcasting at one point was divided up into two arenas.

  1. Basement podcasts – People would grab onto whatever mic they thought would be semi-professional enough, find the quietest place in the attic or basement and just start recording.  This kept podcasts from being taken seriously for some time.  It still floods the space with audio noise that doesn’t do the medium any service.
  2. Regurgitation of Radio Programming – One of the best podcasts anywhere falls into this category.  This American Life is downloaded by millions every week and enjoyed. When you listen to the credits at the end of the podcast, you realize it sounds that good, because it is. But also because of the efforts of dozens of producers behind the scene.

Now, finally, RadioRadio studio gives you the solution to crafting your own podcast and releasing it to the world in the most professional way. 

What are the essentials of a professional podcast?  The same as in traditional radio programming and interviews; planning, execution, technical detail and editing into a tight, concise and highly listenable audio podcast that works.

Why Podcasting?

Because it provides a viable way to reach your target, within a budget that is attainable for companies and individuals of any size.

Why RadioRadio studio?

Executive producer and creative director, Tim McLarty brings 17 years of on air hosting experience and 30 years of writing/producing experience to the table.  Working both as a writer, host and interviewer, he learned the hard way (by ratings and real time comments) what works and what doesn’t.

What are the key items when building a podcast?

  1. Who is your audience?  This is the most important question that needs to be asked and answered honestly.   Is it a B2C, B2B.
  2. What is your overall theme for your podcast series?  Be careful not to be too broad, or jump around with no structure.  People like a bit of routine and create the familiarity they need to create consistent listening.
  3. Is your host engaging?  If your host can’t command attention in the cafeteria or the boardroom, they probably shouldn’t be helming the mic on your all important podcast.  Choose someone who has a natural energy and dynamism.
  4. Is your host prepared.  This relates back to point #2.  Content. Your content needs to be prepared down to the last detail.  You may even wish to script it all out word for word. Rambling and trying to find your mark is the fastest way to your podcast finding it’s way off people’s podcast subscription lists.
  5. Production. Do you have theme music that identifies the beginning, transitions and ending of segments?  Have you secured the rights to this music?  Are the levels consistent with no sections being too loud or too soft (properly compressed audio).  Is there an echo in the room or are there noises in the background that detract from the podcast?
  6. Distribution. Have you structured a successful strategy for creating awareness in your niche to people know your podcast exists and there is some desire to want to subscribe?

Who should do a podcast?

Anyone who has a message that they feel the world needs to hear.  Corporations can create ongoing messaging with their CEO being interviewed.  These are short life podcasts designed to create awareness of certain aspects of a company or service. They are sell pieces so they need to be highly engaging and still entertain the key audience.

Experts in a field who have an opinion are very often excellent candidates for creating podcasts.  They quickly develop an audience who gravitate towards their political or ideological stance, or people who strongly disagree and want to raise an opposing viewpoint.

How do you begin?

Call us at Ontrack Communications and the RadioRadio studio.  We’ll listen to your idea and be very honest with you as to whether it has potential to merit your time and investment.  RadioRadio Studio is a division of Ontrack Communications in the heart of the Broadview Lofts at Queen and Woodbine.  Our studio number is 416. 304.0449.  We look forward to helping you reach the world!


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Tim McLarty is creative director at Ontrack Communications in Toronto. He’s a podcaster, and his background includes 9 years as professor of media creation at Humber College and 17 years as a broadcaster across Canada.  Ontrack is a media studio creating video, motion graphics, audio and podcast content.  In his spare time he makes short films and travels to any country that will have him.