Tap2021 – “Thumbs Down”

Hi guys – Welcome to ThumbsDown – The organizing page for my Tap short film entry.

I’m Tim McLarty. I make media for a living, and short films like this as a means of enjoyment and expression.

This page will tell you what is needed to see if this fits with what you’re looking to do as well. If it feels like a good fit call me at 416 450 1339 or send me an email to tim@timmclarty.com We’re looking for a boom operator and some voice casting still required.

Thumbs Down is a short dark comedy about a life long accountant who decides after 25 years in a company, he’ll apply for a transfer, not knowing his company is actually a front for the mob. He accepts the new position and we watch his reactions as he slowly starts to piece things together and realize the mess he’s in. There is no nudity in spite of the characters listed below. The feel is “Barry meets Breaking Bad”


Steve McTavish (The accountant – Tim) Normal, slightly nebbish guy around 50-55. Well mannered but restless as he’s been the good worker bee for his entire adult life and wants to advance his career, not knowing what he’s signed up for.

Lorraine Lasky (Susie)- Crime boss at the top of the syndicate. 40s, attractive, very confident, polished . One would never guess she was the head of a major crime syndicate, as she speaks and acts more Google than Gangland. CAST – Susie B.

Trigger (Dan)- A professional hitman. But he has developed a very noticeable tremmer in his shooting hand, a bit of a deterrent to advancement in his chosen advocation.

Flanagan (Justin)- He’s an import from New York.  He has big ambitions but those ambitions got him run out of Boston.  Starting at the bottom in the Toronto syndicate, he now has to work his way up. 

Butch (?) (written out)-  A bit slow.  What little heart the syndicate has is extended to Butch.  He isn’t capable of taking care of himself, so he is an errand boy and assigned the most basic and sometimes unpleasant tasks to earn his keep. He’s slow, but has the potential to steal the scene. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Prostitute (Voiceover only-Written out)- She screams at her “john”

The John (Voiceover only- Written out) – Replies to prostitute

Lorraine Lasky’s secretary (Rosie Tyler)


CinematographerLiz @bagelbolt (Sony FS7 – Zeiss CP.2 primes 50/30mm)

Director/Editor – Tim

Script Supervisor – Corrine @@coripops

Sound – Francois @francois.eng

Props – Tim

If you’d be up to discuss any of the above, reach me at tim@timmclarty.com I’m hoping we can make something great together!

Download the latest version of the Script here (v6)