Target it


The most important stage in your strategy is determining what type of video and content to create first. Then roll out subsequent videos and content along a defined strategy with very measurable results using A B testing along the way. Our geo-targeted campaigns enable you to target as specifically as one neighbourhood. Or fan out by city, country or internationally as budget and logistics require.


Our proven Facebook/Instagram video targeting strategies enable us to reach your B2B and B2C audiences with incredible efficiency.  If the strategy is sound, the videos will generate the audience impressions.


YouTube can be as simple as a targeted one off video tied in to a specifically planned call to action.  However, best results come from a sound YouTube strategy where videos are segmented by target, product and goal.  This enables maximum tracking and garners the best results.


There are thousands of pre-roll and banner inset opportunities across the worldwide web. Through Adwords and  programmatic strategies we can help you target a pin-point audience to create maximum audience impressions and results.


It’s proven to be one of the most essential tools to staying in business in the modern era.The research required for your Adwords campaign is similar to your video marketing. Determining your keywords, ranking priority and assigning a budget to pursuing them. This needs to be monitored constantly to  get efficiency out of every dollar spent.