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What is Video Marketing?

It’s a comprehensive marketing program where video is the star. But your videos are supported by a strong foundation of planning, design, landing pages, inbound, distribution and analytics.

Having been the preferred broadcast partner for over 4000 video and online clients since 1998, we are well suited to guide your brand and results for the best possible result.

Video marketing starts with a discussion of goals followed by a strategy, a brand analysis, a follow up funnel strategy, the production of landing and web pages linked to a monthly distribution and tracking program.

A typical video marketing workflow

A typical Video marketing workflow might look like this. We start with planning/research, then the creation of videos and landing pages, followed by email & social marketing & management.

Our goal is to drive as many short term and long term conversions as possible.


Like all success stories, it starts with a plan. We sit down and go over your goals, look at your competitors, and determine the best way to get there using all the tools available.

Brand Review

We look at your brand and give you an unbiased assessment of how you’re being perceived by your potential customer.  And suggest fine tuning for best results.


In addition to your brand review, we ensure the look of your videos, landing pages and collateral are all visually consistent so your messaging and look are consistent.


The web has become the yellow brick road to your market. We fine tune your website and landing pages to drive the desired conversion goals discussed in your strategy.


In your strategy phase we discuss what combination of paid and organic (Adwords,Facebook, Youtube etc.) should be used to achieve your strategy objectives.


All this hard work needs to be measured. That’s where analytics comes in. We’re able to measure your various traffic flows and adjust accordingly to reach your goals.

Videomarketing FAQ's

Video marketing is changing and evolving every day.  We’re adding more questions & answers all the time.  Have a specific question?… Get in touch!

Do we work with agencies?

We are capable of working as a white label partner creating content and working with your team.  Or we can pitch alongside you and honour your relationship with your client or potential client. 

Do you work with small business?

Definitely.  We work with small SOHO companies helping them define their products, build, brand their website, build funnels, video content and placement. Or we can assist with only what you require. We often work with other creatives that clients already have in place creating a cohesive team.

What type of video should I choose to start my video marketing program?

That’s a great question. And the answer is… it depends.  If you’re a small business starting out with a limited budget, you’ll choose a video that gives you as quick a return as possible.    If you’re a larger business, looking to land “the big fish”, garner trust and build long term relationships you’ll need videos that build brands and trust over time. Check out choosing the right video to market your business.

How long should my video be?

This is another one of those…it depends…answers.  If someone is just starting their product research and you’re in the early stages of wooing them over, you’ll want to keep the video short and to the point.  If you have videos being found by people who have already spent considerable time learning about you and your industry or product, they’ll want more details before they plunk down their money. It also depends on the cost and committment of your product.  A general rule of thumb is, in the early sales funnel stage, short is best (15 seconds – 60 seconds).  Once your prospect has worked further through the sales funnel they’ll willingly sit through a longer video to confirm your company is the right choice.

Should I pay to distribute my video?

If you want to accelerate your results, yes. We recommend it.  In very small business situations, with a loyal and local following however, you may be able to share your welcome or product specific video on a local neighbourhood Facebook group and see immediate, unpaid results. But the web has become a very crowded place, and well targeted paid placement will most definitely speed up the results. This is where your initial research, planning and strategy matters.

Can I just shoot my own videos with my phone?

Yes.  Unless you are a larger business with high brand expectations from your target audience.   However, a real estate agent can most definitely shoot a property with a phone, post it to their social media and get immediate responses.  In this case, the immediacy of the content is more important than the personal brand.  For companies who want larger financial commitments and long term relationships, they’ll invest in more evolved videos with full branding identity and more multi-tiered strategies.

How much will a video cost?

Video is not unlike buying a new car.  You can choose budget videos with no options based on a very basic requirement. Or a luxury video with crane shots, engaging talent and high production values.  Budgets can start at $1000 and go upwards of $50,000 depending on the bells and whistles.  We believe it’s important to break down every budget for a client so you can see exactly how your money is being spent, and decide if there are elements you can live without.  In our choosing the right video to market your business blog we talk about creating a strategy that will create immediate revenue that can be invested back into a longer term video strategy and business growth.  We know it’s all about return on investment.

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